Walking aids with elbow support, on wheels, model FS9612

  • Description

    • Walking aids
    • Folding
    • Four wheels with two brakes
    • Wheels do not leave traces on the floor
    • Width - 44 cm.
    • U-shaped armrest support
    • Adjust the height of the armrest supposrt from 109 to 135 cm.
    • Removable seat for rest
    • The seat width is 36 cm.
    • Seat height - 52 cm.
    • Carrying capacity - 100 kg.
    • Weight - 9.4 kg.

  • Instruction for use

    It is designed for walking after injury, with coordination dysfunction or just to maintain the musculoskeletal system of a person

  • Dispensing conditions

    over the counter

  • Manufacturer


  • Package

    Original package - 1 pcs.

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