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  Medical pharmaceutical company «Biola» is one of the reputable companies supplying exclusive high-quality medicines, dietary food supplements, medical devices, paramedical devices, associated goods and cosmetics from the largest manufacturing plants of Eastern and Western Europe, the USA, India and China to the Kazakhstan market. All suppliers working with «Biola» have ISO and GMP certificates.

All products are supplied to the market under registered and protected trademarks owned by the company.

Medical pharmaceutical company «Biola» was established in 1996 during the period of explosive growth and formation of the pharmaceutical market in Kazakhstan. The company name was based on the “Bio” word (from the Greek “Bios” - life).   

Today «Biola» is a dynamic marketing company that reacts proactively to all changes in the pharmaceutical market and external economic shocks.

The company has the gold medal of INSAM Higher Institute of Business and Management (Geneva, Switzerland) for impeccable business reputation and letters of appreciation from the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and various public funds.

Many of our products, such as «Biogloves®» gloves, «Bioset®» and «Bioscalp®» IV-lines, «Bioject®» syringes, «Bi-Test» pregnancy tests, «Biopress®» blood pressure monitors, «Biotherm®» thermometers, «Agisept®» lozenges, «ArthroStop», «Prostenal», «Lecithin», «Urinal» dietary food supplements and many others are well-known to the Kazakhstan consumers.

In the basis of successful promotion of our products in the market there is their optimal quality-to-price ratio and being in demand.

But we don't stop on our reached goals. Inasmuch as today the required level of quality may be ensured only through an integrated and systemic approach, «Biola» company has implemented and maintains a recognized model in the field of quality management - ISO 9001:2008.


In 2017 «Biola» company successfully passed the certification for compliance with Good Distributive Practice (GDP), the international standard for a quality assurance system for warehousing and distribution in the field of circulation of medicines.

We constantly study the needs of our customers, know their current needs and strive to predict their future demands and expectations. Therefore today, as always, we are working to expand the range of our products.

Stay with us! We thank you for your support and sincerely hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation.


Founder                 А.М. Livshits


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