Identification bracelet for adults Biolop® white, green, yellow, red

  • Description

    Bracelet for adults Biolop® is intended for patient's identification in hospital. Non-sterile, water-proof. Total length with strap is to 265mm, width of extended part with field-in is till 25mm, total width is till 90mm. The bracelet has an atraumatic latch and a strap to adjust fitting the patient's wrist.

  • Composition

    Bracelet made of soft non-toxic PVC material

  • Instruction for use

    Enter data on the field for recording. Put the bracelet on the patient's wrist and adjust the strap size. The red bracelet is used to identify emergency patients, yellow - to identify planned patients, green - to identify patients on self-referral, white - for women in labor. Intended for single use, discard after use.

  • Storage conditions

    storage in dry dark place, from 5°С to 30℃ temperature

  • Manufacturer

    Manufactured in People's Republic of China

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