Electric wheelchair model FS110A

  • Description

    The foldable and compact electric wheelchair is easy to use.
    The user can move in any direction at different speeds using control panel devices.
    With the power supply disconnected, the wheelchair can be used to carry a patient.

  • Composition

    Main settings
    1. Dimensions of an open stroller: 1100 (D) x580 (W) x920 (H)
    2. Dimensions when folded: 760 (D) x 350 (W) x 730 (H)
    3. Net weight (with batteries): 55kg
    4. Load: max. 110kg
    5. The diameter of the roller: 200mm (8)
    6. Wheel diameter: 330mm (12.5)
    7. Seat width: 400 (D) x410 (W)
    8. Speed: 0-6km / h
    9. Rise angle: 15 °
    10. Overcoming obstacles (height): 40mm
    11. Braking distance: 1m
    12. Mileage when fully charged battery: 20km
    13. Noise level: ≤65dB
    14. Technical parameters of the battery: 2x12V = 24V, 24Ah
    15. Turning radius: ≤100mm
    16. Technical parameters of the engine: 16,8 V × 2
    17. Current: 3.5A
    18. Voltage: AC 220V

  • Indications for/method of use

    Wheelchair for disabled

  • Dispensing conditions

    over the counter

  • Manufacturer


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