Mattress Biomattress® model L

  • Description

    Made of nylon
    • Latticed cell type
    • Therapeutic inflatable mattress for preventing pressures sores, designed for bed patients
    • Due to the variable pressure in the mattress cells, the blood circulation in the patient tissues improves and the pressure on them decreases, which allows to improve the condition of already existing pressure sores and prevents the appearance of new bedsores
    • Each mattress is equipped with an electric pump for air inflation
    • Power supply - 220 - 240 V
    • Full pumping time - 15-20 minutes

  • Indications for/method of use

    Therapeutic inflatable mattress for preventing pressures sores, designed for bed patients

  • Dispensing conditions

    over the counter

  • Manufacturer

    Manufactured in China by a company certified in accordance with the international quality standard
    ISO 9001:2000

  • Package

    Original package - 4 pcs.

The information presented on the site should not be used for self-diagnosis and treatment and can not serve as a substitute for internal
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Pharmacy #74 (Samal-1) Samal-2, Str. Mendikulova 36 crossing Str. Al-Farabi +7(7272)63-00-00
Pharmacy #75 Str. Abaya 139 crossing Str. Zharokova +7(727)375-33-22
Pharmacy #81 (Magnum Abaya) Abaya Cornor Momoshuli shopping center Magnum +7(727)312-19-53;312-22-20
Pharmacy #83 (Seyfullina-Kalinina) Str. Seifullina 510 above Kalinina +7(7272)78-79-57; 312-22-20
Pharmacy #91 (Magnum Duman) microdistrict Duman shopping center Magnum +7(7272)312-19-54
Pharmacy #94 (Esik, Keshubaeva) City Esik Str. Keshubaeva #41B +7(72775)4-04-54
Pharmacy №102 (Kaskelen, Alatau Shopping Center) City Kaskelen Str. Abilay Khana 90 300-10-19
Pharmacy #110 (Uzinagash, Baydibek Bi 145A) Uzinagash Baidibek Bi +7(72770)2-35-13
Pharmacy #112 (Panfilovo, Talgar) Talgar, settlement Panfilovo Kulzhinski trakt 88 391-77-54
Pharmacy #141 (Esik, Almatinskaya 100) City Esik Str. Almatinskaya 100 +7(72775)4-02-15
Pharmacy №142 (Abaya-Manasa) Str. Abaya 60 corner Manasa 244-63-66
Pharmacy #153 (Chilic, Malay Batyrra) settlement Chilik Str. Malay Batyra 81 +7(7277)62-25-00
Pharmacy #173 (Mart) Shopping Center "Mart", Str. Richard Sorge 18 343-53-40
Pharmacy #174 (Oncology, Utepova) Utepova building 3 312-11-27
Pharmacy #175 ( Magnum, Pervomaika) settlement Pervomaika highway Almaty- Kapchagai in S.C. Magnum 312-20-53
Pharmacy #177 (Saina-Askarova) Str. Askarova 385-01-17
Pharmacy #203 (Samal-2) Samal-2, Mendikulova 85 248-45-67
Pharmacy #204 (KazakhFilm) microdistrict KazakhFilm, Str. Mamir 1 shopping center Baiterek +7(7272)37-92-77
Pharmacy #205 (ADK) Str. Satpayeva 90/5 +7(7272)385-06-34
Pharmacy #206 (Aport Shopping Center) Str. Raimbeka +7(7272)312-26-73
Pharmacy #207 (Mart) Shopping Center "Mart Village", Str. Richard Sorge 18
Pharmacy Plus TOO Str. Auezova 175, cornor Str. Gabdullina +7(727)275-69-69
Pharmacy #2 TOO Str. Nazarbaeva 91/97 +7(727)273-74-74
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