Medical 3-laye ear loop (type II), Biorespix® personnel BFE ≥98%

  • Description

    • 3-layer non-wooven material
    • integral nose lock for better fit and protection
    • 3 revels in the middle allow fixing the mask for comfortale wearing
    • bear the high air permeability
    • does not accumulate heat and moisture
    • tie-on and ear-loop fixation

  • Composition

    made from high-quality 2-,3-,4- layer non-wooven material.

  • Indications for/method of use

    Intended to protect against allergens and airborne infections. Provides maximum filtration rate, bacterial filtration efficiency ≥99%

  • Storage conditions

    store 5-55°С relative humidity ≤80% away from direct sun light

  • Shelf life

    5 years

  • Dispensing conditions

    без рецепта врача

  • Manufacturer

    Manufactured in the certified factory according to international quality standard ISO13485 in People's Republic of China

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